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BRANDING | Nohau Store

Agency: Casulo

Art Director: Stanley Jones


Inspired by the phonetics of the name NOHAU, which brings us to the imagination of the Hawaiian region, references were sought in Maori culture: native people of New Zealand remembered mainly by the great warriors who marked its history.


Their traditional tattoos granted status within their clan. The same in turn were characterized by circles, sets of curved and straight lines, geometric shapes and arabesques. 


The letter 'H' in the center was purposely drawn in greater length, giving the brand strength, along with the concept, that involves Maori men.


In addition to its conceptual value, the emphasis in this letter positions the brand more intimately in front of its target audience and also gives balance and harmonic distribution throughout the logo. 


Finally, a macro sign was inserted over the letter ‘A’, a sign commonly used in the Maori language to indicate a long vowel or stressed syllable.

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